Terra Parma


terra.jpg (17244 bytes) Terra has been inspiring glass enthusiasts and hobbyists with her artistic flair since her first patterns were introduced in 1984. This series of twenty-four pattern sets was followed by her first book, "Images by Terra ", two years later. Since that time, she has produced twenty design and pattern books, becoming one of the top designers in the industry.

Her interest in art and nature goes back to her early childhood, when she spent much of her time drawing animals. While growing up, she received encouragement from her parents, both artists themselves.After taking advanced classes in drawing, painting, design and commercial art, Terra received a degree in fine arts and enjoyed working as a graphic artist. An interest in stained glass blossomed when she took a series of classes. This interest, combined with a talent in drawing and eye for blending the colors and textures of glass led to an exciting new career in art glass design.

Terra's inspiration is drawn from a variety of sources, including photos taken on family trips to parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Having over a decade of experience working with stained glass, she has a keen sense of what others enjoy and is able to present designs and ideas for all levels of expertise, from beginner to expert.

Nature and wildlife are among her personal favorites. However, she has covered the whole spectrum of subjects in panels, dimensional pieces, whimsical projects for children, as well as a series of mobiles.

Her designs enjoy wide popularity because of her attention to detail and unique quality of realism. In addition to working on her various publications, she has enjoyed designing and constructing numerous commissions for residential and commercial projects throughout the United States.

Terra resides in Northern California with her husband and two young children. When not spending time with her family of dreaming up new designs for stained glass, she enjoys gardening and exploring the natural beauty of the outdoors.